How To Still Get Twitter Tweets Count Back

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How To Still Get Twitter Tweets Count Back

A few months ago, Twitter announced that Twitter tweets count will no longer appear alongside tweet buttons. This big decision surprised some internet marketers while some got angry.

According to a research, since share count was removed, URLs shares have been reduced on twitter. In fact, sharing declined by 11% after killing share count.

Why should you care about this issue?

Here are some of the reasons you should care about this issue:

  • If you are a blogger, the social media share button on your website will not show how many times your post was shared to twitter. It could lead to fewer shares and less interaction.
  • If you are an App or web developer, without twitter share count you might lose the critical functionality.
  • If you are an Internet Marketer, and you are working for companies, you will lose user engagement and you will also not be able to show the popularity of your website to your audience.

So how to get those tweets count back?

NewShareCounts (API)

New Share Counts API

NewShareCounts is a great tool that uses twitter search API to generate the share counts for your website. It is still very new and in an early stage, still, it is very useful. Let’s go through the steps to get your counts back.

New Share Counts API Integration Steps

  • Step 1: First of all, you need to enter the URL of your website. Once you put the input sign in with your twitter account.
  • Step 2: Once you click “Sign in with twitter”, you are directed to a new page where you get a couple of lines of JavaScript code. You just need to copy and paste that given code anywhere on your website’s page. It automatically discovers all the twitter buttons on the page and displays the counter bubble with proper layout.

New Share Counts API

If you are a WordPress user:

How To Still Show twitter Share Counts

  • Go to Appearance-> Editor
  • Look for the “footer.php” and copy and paste the given JavaScript code just before the end of the body tag.
  • Click Update option and you are done.

Note: This way can take some time to load all the tweet counts for last 7 days from twitter and it has no access to the shares that are more than a week old. So there is a chance that the shares before a week might not be counted. But further shares will automatically be counted properly.

If you find some issue with supported plugins, you can read the documentation. Here are the links below:

Popular plugins:

WordPress plugins:

Joomla plugins:

Moreover, if you do not find your plugin support, you can directly contact NewShareCounts, they will take care of it.

There are several other tools available to get back twitter tweets count for your website, but personally, I found this tool much easier to install and even newbies can get rid of this issue by following the above steps. It is undoubtedly the best tool available online.

Still, if you think there are any other better tools, share in the comment section below.

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