10 Best Free Social Media Management Tools 2018

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Social Media Management Tools

User engagement is very important if you want to increase website traffic, brand awareness and sales. Even if you are a blogger, you need regular traffic on your blog. Social media management tools helps you generate such traffic a lot easier provided you are engaged consistently on social channels. But sometimes it becomes very difficult to manage various social media and post the same content on your profile and page. Scheduling social media content can save your lot of time and it lets you easily manage to post according to your convenient.

Free Social Media Management Tools

1. Buffer App

Buffer App is undoubtedly the best social media management tools available on the internet. It has both free and paid subscription. A free account member can add up to 4 social media- Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. Each social profile can schedule 10 posts. While paid membership can give you more control over different social platforms. You can add 10 to 150 social profiles and can schedule 100 to 2000 post, depending upon the plan you choose.

Official Website: https://buffer.com

2. Hootsuite

After Buffer App, it’s HootSuite that lets you schedule and organize your social media posts. It has a wide range of apps that includes their web-based original, desktop apps (Windows, Mac and Linux), mobile apps (iPhone and Android), and extensions for Firefox and Chrome, all with the power to schedule updates.

Free users can add 3 social media profiles and it has basic analytic feature and message scheduling.

Official Website: https://hootsuite.com

3. Stacker

Stacker is an easiest and most powerful way to publish and reply across multiple social media accounts at once. With stacker, you can schedule your content to be published at the best time. Moreover, you can reply to those users who write on your wall. You also get a detailed statistic for the content you published.

Official Website: https://www.getstacker.com

4. Social Scheduler

Social Scheduler allows you to schedule your social messages. You can create social messages in advance and schedule them at the time you want. You can schedule your post up to 12 months in advance. It currently supports Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn profiles and company pages, Facebook Profiles, Pages Groups. But free users can only add up to 2 social accounts and can only schedule a post up to 1 month in advance.

Official Website: https://www.socialscheduler.co.uk/

5. Klout

Klout is a great way to share your content on social media. It has features that suggest shareable content that your audience has not seen yet. Create content and share it with your friends and followers and then track how your tweets, retweets, likes and shares change your Klout score. Klout score is a number between 1-100 that represents your influence on your audience.

Official Website: http://klout.com/

6. Jarvis

Jarvis is one of the free and easy to use social media management tools. Over 10,000 Internet Marketers are using Jarvis, embracing “set it and forget it”. You just need to add your Twitter and Facebook post once and Jarvis posts those content for you over the period of time. Moreover, you have the option to post on all of your social networks with just a single click. You can also reuse those post that had the most engagement. Jarvis supports Twitter and Facebook at present and Instagram will soon be a part.

Official Website: http://choosejarvis.com/

7. GoClinchy Social

GoClinchy Social is an intuitive and goal oriented Social Media Marketing platform. You can create time-bound campaigns, setup campaign goals and start scheduling your social media posts. You have insight features available that lets you know what is working for you and what is not.

It has a basic membership which is for free member. Free membership allows you to add 2 social accounts while start up plan is a paid membership that allows you to connect up to 10 social profiles.

Official Website: https://www.gocinchy.com/

8. DrumUp

DrumUp is slightly different from other social media management tools on the internet. It is a social media virtual assistance app dedicated for businesses. Its auto-discover feature discovers content for Facebook and Twitter. You can schedule them to post on your social media channels later. You can cut Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn management time by 90%.

You can also download iPhone and Android app to manage social media posts on-the-go. You can also use a chrome extension to schedule your posts and discover new content.

Official Website: https://drumup.io

9. KUKU.io

KUKU is world’s most user-friendly social media management tools. You can create content and share it across multiple social networks. Its unique feature allows you to post separate content for your different social channels. Rich analytics and smart posting suggestion features are under development and soon it will be available for the user.

Official Website: https://kuku.io

10. LaterBro

On the home screen, you have two options either to sign in with Facebook or Twitter. After choosing on the Sign in screen, you can either start scheduling updates or add more social accounts. You can add multiple twitter account but you are limited to only one Facebook account. When scheduling an update, you can choose on which account the update to be posted. For a different social account, updates are shown separately.

Official Website: http://laterbro.com/

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I hope you will find these social media management tools useful. If you know any other tool that I missed, let me know in the comment section below.

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