10 Most Profitable Blog Niches for Google Adsense

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Profitable Blog Niches
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Do you want to know how to pick from the profitable blog niches?

If Yes.

Then this resource is for you…

But before we proceed let’s clear what Niche is all about?

Let’s have a look at what Google search shows:

What is a Niche Website?

Lets understand the meaning of Niche according to WikiPedia.

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In a simple language, niche website is a website that focuses on a specialized topic.

Now let’s have a look at the different high paying profitable blog niches topics:

High Paying Profitable Blog Niches

1. Health

Health Niche
This is one of most profitable blog niches for Google AdSense. Everyone in the world desires to be a fit and healthy. People who are suffering from any health-related issue, actively look for the solution on the internet. If you have a solution to their problems on your blog, this niche could be for you. Chances are good to build the audience on your blog and generate a good income.

2. Innovation/Technology

Technology Niche
If you are planning to choose technology as a niche for your blog, it could be a great choice even though it is too much populated. Technology related articles including news, reviews, tutorial, and how-to guides generate a lot of traffic as people like to read more about it. The possible reason is very much that we all are connected with technology. Whether we talk about mobile devices, notebook or gadgets, people are eager to get updates on latest technology and like to read mobile and other product reviews.

Moreover, when it comes to technology, you have enormous amount choices to choose from. You can choose more precise topics like Internet Marketing or Search Engine Optimization (SEO), that people like to read more about to promote their products, blogs or business to promote online.

3. Make money online

Make Money Online Niche
Make money online have always been a great attraction for people. Earning money from the web is one of most seeking speciality every people dream to acquire. Many people try to make money online, for that, they even spend dollars. But because of the lack of knowledge they fail or get scammed. If you know ways on how to make money online, you can choose this niche and make life easier for those people who want to make money online. This niche has high-Cost Per Click rate and consequently, it enhances your general income in AdSense.

4. Celebrities/Superstars

Celebrity Niche
We all know how people are mad about their favourite superstars. Each has a decent scope of followers. And people love to read about their favourite stars. They are most eager to peruse gossip about their most loved people. So the web is a great place to discover news related on this subject and that is the reason this niche is so popular amongst bloggers.

5. Relationship

Relationship Niche
Each moment a relationship is nurtured and break up also. On a regular basis, an extensive variety of individuals crawls the web for relationships tips. If you have convincing power and if you are capable of handling such people by motivating them, guiding them on how to go about their relationship. Start now! Start blogging and help people, and get the reward.

6. Fashion

Fashion Niche
Every person wants to look stylish and attractive, and especially this new generation. They are more particular about fashion. They don’t want to lag behind and, therefore, they keep crawling the fashion website on the internet. If you are also a fashion freak and conscious about fashion, it’s a time to choose it as a niche for your blog to make a profit using AdSense and as well as Affiliate Marketing.

7. Insurance

Insurance Niche

If you are an insurance agent or advisor and you have an excellent understanding of the subject, this niche could be the right one for you. It is one of the most paid niches, which can generate enormous pay from your site. Insurance niche can increase your AdSense revenue rapidly, provided you do keyword research for your niche and articles. Just creating and writing a blog on insurance will not give you the desired income. You consistently have to research the market and understand it better than ever before and have to make your plans accordingly.

8. Blogging

Blogging Niche
Blogging is a very versatile topic it covers topics like small business, search engine optimisation (SEO), Internet Marketing, web traffic and much prominently developing industry on the web these days. You can choose this niche and start blogging right now to help other bloggers, business owners to grow their blogs and businesses respectively.

9. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO Niche
Search Engine Optimisation is the key to any site’s success. Every webmaster, business owner and blogger like to read and know more about search engine optimisation (SEO). There are many websites online who are making more than $1000 or even $5000 a month by just posting content on search engine optimisation (SEO). If you have technical knowledge of SEO or if you want to develop, even more, you can start blogging using this niche and turn your SEO knowledge into an online income source.

10. Online networking

Online Networking Niche
Online networking is a source where people meet people. More precisely, meeting people of your industry. In online networking generally, you have a huge part of people joining one another. So it becomes a very profitable niche if we talk about Google AdSense.

It is always good to do some R&D before starting a profitable blog. You must understand yourself better before you choose any niche. Understanding yourself means that you have knowledge of that particular subject that you are going to choose for the blog.

There are many instances where I have seen people starting niche blogs without clear mindset, R&D and understanding your knowledge of the subject. Eventually, they gave up in a couple of months.or you do a lot of hard work and grab knowledge related to your topic and start earning online from your niche blog. It all depends on upon how passionate you are.

If you don’t have a clear mindset, find what interest you the most. Build your skills, do research and then start a blog. It all depends on upon how passionate you are.

Where to go from here? Here are some more powerful resources:

Hope you will find this article useful in finding out the best suited profitable blog niches for your blog. I would like to hear your views in the comment section below.

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