10 Ways to Increase LinkedIn Company Page Followers

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Increase LinkedIn Company Page Followers

Gaining LinkedIn company page followers can bring some quality traffic and engagement on your website but this could be a bit difficult task. It requires two main strategies: Page promotion and posting quality content that grabs the attention of the user.

LinkedIn has become more than just a professional network. It has become a very powerful social platform just like twitter and Facebook. From small business owners to a blogger, everyone can use LinkedIn to promote their business, website, and blog post. It is a great platform to share influence educate and attract targeted audience. But it is only possible if you have large LinkedIn page following. In this article, I am going to discuss top 10 ways that will help you to increase LinkedIn Company Page Followers.

10 Ways to Increase LinkedIn Company Page Followers

Ask your LinkedIn Connections to join your page.

If your family, friends, colleagues or employees are present on the LinkedIn and a part of your LinkedIn connection, ask them to join your company page. Chances are to get some quick followers as they already know you.

Post regular content on your LinkedIn page

Post regular content on your LinkedIn page and make sure that the content you are posting is valuable to your followers. People always look for valuable content online that value them and if you post quality content consistently, people will like to follow your page.

Use LinkedIn company Follow Plugin

Use LinkedIn company follow plugin on your website or blog. It will show your presence on LinkedIn to your website visitors and chances are they will follow your LinkedIn page if they find valuable content.

Market your LinkedIn page on other social networks.

Ask your Facebook friends and twitter followers to connect with them on LinkedIn and follow your company page. But do not simply say, “Please follow us on LinkedIn”. Instead, tell them how this page values them.

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Join LinkedIn Groups

Join LinkedIn groups and make sure you get involved in group discussion. Leave meaningful thoughts and comments in the discussion. Be helpful, generous and solve their queries. You can leave your page URL in the comment section as well. If people find your comments interesting and useful, they will join you.

Optimise your LinkedIn page

Optimise your LinkedIn page for search engines. Use relevant keywords in the description and in your post.

Add LinkedIn Link To Website/Bio

Add a link to your LinkedIn company page in your bio section at your website, social profiles, Guest post, E-mail signature and newsletter. It will help you generate quite a good amount of followers on your LinkedIn company Page.

Put Links In Marketing Material

Put your LinkedIn Profile and company page URL on your marketing materials like business cards, pamphlets, signage, and print ads. It will show the authenticity of your company and also gain a good amount of connections and subscribers.

Post regularly

Post regularly to your LinkedIn Pulse and encourage shares and comments on every post. Do not forget to monitor your LinkedIn analytics to see what kind of post are getting more engagement. Do not post those type of content which got less or no engagement.

Use Images

Use images as a regular part of your content strategy. Images tend to attract more attention to your post. People like to prefer more of a visual content rather reading unattractive texts.

Moreover, you can ask your friends and followers to share your content with others. Also, put like and share buttons on your website and beside your blog post. It will lead to higher engagement and brand visibility. Which will attract users to follow your LinkedIn company page?


If you have any other ideas or tips regarding LinkedIn page likes, share them with us in the comment section below.

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