How To Create A Job Board Website?

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How To Create A Job Board Website?

Creating a platform like oDesk-Elance now, might not be that trendy topic on the web but it has always been a topic to watch in forums.

If you are planning to make a website which connects freelancers or Job Seekers and Job Providers, much like oDesk do. However, building such a platform undergoes three distinct phases – Designing & Development, Testing & launching, Marketing (Digital & traditional).

  1. Designing & Development: Development part would cost you anywhere between $5,000 – $10,000. Testing and launching process also cost you about $5000.
  2. Testing & Marketing: Finding some users for testing purpose and launching beta version can also cost you another $5000 and if you talk about marketing, it will also cost you a couple of thousand dollars. It depends on what scale you would need to market the website.
  3. Maintenance: Running and maintaining the website would also cost a couple of thousand dollars a month, depending upon the user base. You would need a complete team with different and good skills to fix issues and provide customer support etc.

What to do now?

WordPress makes this task easy for you! Yes! If you are familiar with WordPress, you can easily create and manage a freelancer website like oDesk-Elance(UpWork). The best part is, you do not even require to an expert. That’s right! A simple plugin can make your job done!

Jobs & Experts

This ultimate WordPress Jobs and experts plugin is made by WPMUDEV to share detailed listings, expert profiles and ratings. This WordPress plugin is tailored to fit every theme and it is fully responsive. You have an option for both manual and automated page creation and configuration options.

Find Work

Professionals can create their profile and list all the details with slick animated graphic elements. Ultimately, you have the full control to showcase your skills. Share an avatar, bio, contact information, example work and link to social profiles etc. Here are some of the enterprise level features:

  • Display recent work from the integrated portfolio.
  • Contact forms for the purpose of discreet communication
  • Advanced search technology
  • Quick sort tag and category organisation

Find Freelancer

On the other hand, you have the option to post jobs, projects from an intuitive, and responsive front-end interface. Here are some of the key features for those who are making a job post or searching for freelancers:

  • Comprehensive job listings – Where experts can set budget, write detailed description and specs.
  • You have the option to describe your project, set budget and deadline. You can also attach spec files.
  • Promote an expert with a ‘like’
  • Quick sort tag and category organisation

There are a huge set of features from Front end to Back End. From Job Posting to Hiring all at one place with discreet communication. So, why not create your own space where things get done!

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