10 Free Ways to Increase Facebook Page Likes

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Increase Facebook Page Likes

There are now an estimated 1.59 billion active users on Facebook as of August 2015 and over 40 million small businesses are on Facebook to promote their businesses online. If you are a Digital Marketer, you must be knowing how hard it is to attract new Facebook page likes.

According to a Research by Syncapse, a social Media Marketing firm, a single Facebook fan worth $174 to a brand. Though $174 is an average figure, the values vary brand to brand:

Value of facebook fan
Value of facebook fan

Let’s have a look at Social Media Habits of Facebook Brand Fans vs. Non-Fans:

Social Media Habits of Facebook Brand Fans vs. Non-Fans:
Social Media Habits of Facebook Brand Fans vs. Non-Fans:

While this number varies brand to brand depending upon the industry, one thing is clear that having Facebook likes. Most of the Digital & Internet Marketers know how to gain Facebook page likes through Facebook paid ad platform. But for those who are new to blogging and Digital Marketing, does not know the exact strategy and moreover they do not want to spend money as well. In this article, I will outline the top 10 free ways to increase your Facebook page likes without spending a single penny. So let’s read those 10 key points:

10 Key Points to Increase Facebook Page Likes

1. Choose Right Category For Facebook Page

While page creation, remember to choose the right category for your Facebook page. If you have already created your Facebook page without choosing the category, no need to worry! You can edit it under page section area. Complete all the fields including name, Facebook Web Address, Address, Web Page address, contact details, short and long description, and do not forget to update your mission and vision field.

Facebook Page

2. Put Profile Picture & Cover Photo

Put profile picture and cover photo on your page. According to a research, people do not take interest in profile, which does not have a profile picture. Page with a profile picture and cover photo show how professional you are.

3. Use Images

Use images as a regular part of your content strategy. Captivating and relevant images can be a great way to increase engagement. According to a Research, post with images has 80% more engagement than a normal text post.

4. Post regularly and consistently

It shows how serious you are about your page. If you want people to like your page and stay engaged, you need to establish a regular pattern of posting useful and relevant content as per their liking.

5. Engage With Other Facebook Pages

Engage with other Facebook pages within your niche. Regularly leave thoughtful comments on the post relevant to you and do not forget to make a comment using your page but not as a personal profile.

6. Use Facebook Page Plugin

Use Facebook page plugin on your website or blog. If you are running your website on a WordPress, you can use JetPack Plugin. You can manually add the Facebook Page Plugin on your website with various inbuilt customization features. Also, make sure that you have like and share buttons next to your blog post. When people engage with your website content by liking and sharing, this action appears in their friend’s feed, increasing your Facebook page’s visibility.

7. Make Use Of Facebook Page Link

Include your Facebook page link in bio section at your website, Guest Posts, your Email signature and newsletter. It will help you gain quite a good number of Facebook page likes.

Put your Facebook page link on your marketing materials like your business cards, pamphlets, Signage and print ads.

8. Study Facebook Page Insight

Always study your Facebook page insight, it will help you find out which type of content is working for your audience. Search for those content which has the highest reach, shares, likes and post such content more often.

9. Promote Facebook Page On Other Social Media

A simple “like us on Facebook” is not good enough to gain likes on your page. Promote your page on other social media. Occasionally, post on other social accounts like twitter and LinkedIn to like your page on the Facebook. You can also ask your twitter followers and LinkedIn connections to like your page on the Facebook. You probably have the highest chance that they will like your page as they already know you.

10. Engage People

While page likes are certainly the most important metric, never forget that true engagement is the key thing for the success of any Facebook page. Ask your audience about things that they would like to read about. You can even ask them to post content and participate in contests. It can really boost your Facebook engagement.

If you have any valuable information or idea about Facebook page like, you are highly appreciated to them share with us in the comment section below.

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