10 Surefire Ways To Increase Facebook Engagement

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10 Surefire Ways To Increase Facebook Engagement

There are over 2 billion active users on Facebook, and there is no doubt about the power of Facebook in the marketing industry. It offers the great potential to reach a large number of consumers in a relatively small period of time to increase Facebook engagement.

Businesses are crazily focusing on a large number of Facebook page likes. For that, they spend a lot of money on Facebook Advertising as well. But the key to any business success online is not the only page likes but the engagement. It offers a clear picture of how successful the brand is on Facebook.

In this article, I am going to illustrate 10 ways to increase Facebook engagement.

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Ways To Increase Facebook Engagement

1. Ask Questions

Asking questions from your fans. This will engage them on the with the Facebook posts.

There are several types of questions that can be asked to your fans. Here is a short summary:

Fill in the blank: My Favourite Starbucks drink is ________?

Polls or Surveys: This is a great way to get feedback about anything whether it’s your website layout, products, or service. e.g., Which is your favourite web analytics tool?

a. Google Analytics, b. Piwik, c. Clicky.

Educational/Factual: “Did you know that images increase engagement rate about 87% as compared to simple text?”

Opinions on shared images or material: Ask them what do they think about the product by placing an attractive image.

Personal Experience: Which of the Search Engine Optimization article you found useful?

Ask for tips: What do you do to improve Facebook engagement?

Ask for help: How to Post in Multiple Languages on A Facebook Page?

2. Use Images

If you want to get more engagement, images are one of the best ways. A single image can tell a thousand stories that line of texts can’t tell. Images can bound people emotionally or behaviorally.

Consider focusing on posts that comprise 90% image and 10% text. Captivating and relevant images can be used as a great asset to increase engagement. According to a Research, post with images has 87% more engagement than a normal text post.

3. Be Persistent

If you want people to like your page, become the part of your fan and stay engaged, follow a pattern and start to post quality, useful, and relevant content on a consistent basis. For the Facebook engagement, it’s one of the key formulae.

Also remember that your fans do not get bored by reading the similar type of content repeatedly. Be creative and prepare content on different subjects in different formats but in the same niche. Here are some of the post types you might want to experiment with to maximise Facebook engagement:

  • Ask Questions
  • Post Fill-in-the-Blanks
  • Post Photos
  • Post quizzes
  • Talk About the News
  • Ask for Likes
  • Target Different Fans

4. Love Your Followers

If you want your fans to stick to you, it is important that you love you followers. “Loving your followers” means to take care of the things that they like to read about, know about, and learn about. Be kind and helpful. Respond to their messages and solve their problem.

5. Call-to-action (CTA)


Call to actions helps marketers drive their audience to respond according to the way that they want them to take action.

Most of the business owners or marketers tend to miss the trick while updating their Facebook page. If you have “call to action” on the facebook page, your audience usually respond better. Most of them will take action what you want from them.

Do you want them to comment?

What do you want people to do?

Do you want them to subscribe to your newsletter?

Do you want them to share your post on other social media?

Do you want them to click the like button or Share something with their friends?

All can be done! Provided you have a well-planned call to action in place.

Want to see a call to action examples?

6. Be Responsive

Make it a habit of responding to comments as quickly as possible, responding quickly will get you more engagement on your posts. At the same time keep your customer service to be accurate and supportive across all social channels.

7. Frequency of Posting

The frequency of posting means how often you post on your Facebook.

According to a research made by Buddy Media, Facebook pages that posted once or twice a day received 40% higher user engagement compared than those who posted 3 or more posts per day. This shows that it is not the quantity of the post, but also the quality of your Facebook posts that matters when it comes to user engagement.

It is also not necessary that what works for other brands will work for you as well. The results may vary brand to brand, product to product and user to user. A demographic location might also play an important role. However, you can try and experiment with your strategies.

8. Post Content What Your Fans Want to Read

Posting content for your fans is one of the most crucial parts for Facebook engagement. People tend to respond to the things a lot more which interest them. So if you want your fans to be engaged with you, then, first of all, know your audience. Ask them what they want to read about.

Once you will come to know about their interest, you can proceed accordingly and prepare content related to their interest. Don’t ever hesitate to share valuable and relevant content of other websites, blogs or businesses who are in the same niche you are in.

9. Invest in Videos


When you think of video marketing, most of us instantly think of YouTube. But many of us still don’t know that Facebook has quickly made a name and holding the second position after YouTube for online videos. Facebook videos get a lot of organic reach in the news feed.

According to a research conducted by Shareaholic, in October 2014, Facebook drives four more times the traffic to the websites than Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr, and StumbleUpon.

There are over 2 billion Facebook users and being a second largest place for online videos, you can imagine how useful investing in videos on Facebook could be.

How to take advantage of the Facebook video for your business?

Featured Video: Add a featured video in your profile. The featured video appears more prominent. It’s placed on top of the About section and prominent on the videos tab.

Video as a Post: Facebook’s has an autoplay feature for videos. Which means it is more eye-catching than a regular post.

10. Create a Facebook Event

Facebook Events is a great way to start engaging people on Facebook. However, simply creating a Facebook event does not define people engagement. Make sure you keep few key points in mind to get user engagement. Here are the 5 key points:

Plan Your Event: Make a plan for the Facebook event.

Create a Captivating Event Image: Gone are the days when you could onlu place a small little thumbnail for your Facebook event. Now you have a large area to display your event image. So take advantage of it and never leave it blank. Create an attractive image of 784 x 294 pixels and get more engagement.

Provide Complete Information: Make sure you have all event related information like date, timing, location, and any other relevant information related to the event. So that people don’t dismiss it.

Invite: Facebook gives you a feature where you can invite your personal contacts to attend the event.

Share: Share the event detail to the Facebook fan page timeline, and post it regularly during days leading up to the event.

How have you increased Facebook engagement with your audience and prospects on Facebook? And what other tactics worked best for you? Share it with us in the comment section below.

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