5 Important Benefits Of Landing Page

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5 Important Benefits Of Landing Page

A landing page or a lead page is a web page that allows you to capture information of the visitor through call-to-action (CTA) like a lead-capture form through which the visitors submit the information.

A Landing Page is the heart and soul of any inbound marketer’s lead generation efforts. Once traffic the website starts getting traffic through paid or organic search engine, any professional inbound marketer strategizes to encash that opportunity and convert that website traffic into leads. This process becomes easier if you have a high converting landing page.

According to a Landing Page Handbook (Second Edition) by MarketingSherpa, some shocking statistics about Landing Pages:

  • 44% of clicks directed visitors to the home page of the website, but not on the landing page for B2B companies.
  • 62% of the B2B companies that use landing pages have six or less landing pages.
  • Only 52% of them test their landing pages to improve conversion.

Companies still do not use or test their landing pages to improve conversion. What could be the reason? Being such a powerful inbound marketing tool, it is surprising to see landing pages are still underutilized. According to MarketingSherpa, the biggest reason businesses do not use landing pages is that the marketing team does not know how to setup landing pages correctly or overloaded too much with other things.

Benefits Of Landing Page

1. Easily Generate Leads

Too many companies send their paid traffic, search traffic, email marketing and social media traffic to their homepage. Which is very much equivalent to throwing the leads away. If you strategize, create a landing page, do testing and send these traffic to your landing page, this will help your lead generation effort to get leads or potential customers. Later you can arrange it in segments, nurture and distribute to your sales team.

2. Great Place to Showcase Your Offers

You landing pages will not do well if you do not have any offer to showcase to your audience. Showcase your offers by putting it free access to some particular offer once the users submit their own information.

3. Great Way to Collect Demographic Information Of Your Prospects

Once the generated lead passed to the sales and marketing team, they can collect some valuable information about the leads. That can be used later to identify what type of visitors are converting and which demographic location is beneficial for your business.

4. Understand Which Prospects Are More Engaged

Landing page not only generates leads for your business but also lets you identify those prospects who are more engaged with your business. It also enables you to collect such prospects activity on your website. That will let you understand your prospects interest and increase your sales.

5. It Improves Your SEO Efforts

It is a bonus while you use a landing page. Landing page improves your SEO rank with Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. We all know the search engine goal is to find relevant content and display it to the visitor in their search result. They favour organic content that is unique. Adding good landing page to your site with good content will increase your search engine ranking.

Hope you will find this article useful in your lead generation efforts. In case I missed something, put them in the comment section below.

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