How to Hide or Remove the WordPress Admin Toolbar

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How to Hide or Remove the WordPress Admin Toolbar

How to Hide and Remove the WordPress Admin Toolbar? WordPress displays a toolbar at the top of the every page by default. Whether you are viewing your website’s admin dashboard or any page, you will find this WordPress toolbar on every page and it is very annoying for most of the people. Moreover, it is visible to the visitors as well which is even more frustrating. Your user can easily identify the platform you are using for your website. For security purpose, you might not want to show the toolbar.

For Designers, the toolbar can be a most irritating thing as it throws off the website look and feels. On the other hand, developers do not really prefer it using as it can add some extra bytes while loading your web page. Either way, the toolbar is not a good option to keep.

There are few ways to hide and Remove the WordPress Admin Toolbar. Let have a look at those ways.

How to Hide and Remove the WordPress Admin Toolbar from Your Website

Method 1: Turning Off the Toolbar in Admin Settings

To remove the toolbar from your site, you need to sign in into your admin panel of your website.

Now navigate to Users > Your Profile. Scroll down to “Toolbar” and check “Show Toolbar when viewing site” and finally update the change you made.

That is it! The Toolbar will no longer appear on your site but it will still appear in your admin panel. It’s always a good practice to leave the backend toolbar as it is as it gives us lots of important information about our site. In some cases the toolbar still there on the website and still visible to you and your visitors. So, in this case, we need to opt an alternate method by adding a one line code.

Method 2: Remove the Admin Toolbar with Code

Open the functions.php file by navigating to the theme directory of your website. Alternatively, Navigate to Appearance > Editor and finally open functions.php and add the following line at the end.

add_filter('show_admin_bar', '__return_false');

This code will stop the toolbar from displaying on your website.

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