10 Ways To Getting 100 Unique Visitors Per Day On Your Website

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100 Unique Visitors Per Day

10 Ways to Get 100 Unique Visitors a Day on your website. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to get even 100 visitors to your website specially being new to website and blogging. When you are new, you do not have much idea about Digital and Internet Marketing. You do not know about your mistakes. You do not know about the traffic sources that can drive users to your website. In this article I will discuss the 10 ways to get 100 unique visitors a day on your website.

This article is for those who have just taken steps into the blogging and internet marketing. If you want to know about the intermediate and advanced level of internet marketing, you can refer to the post links below:

Let’s have a look at the 10 things that can get you 100 unique visitors per Day on your website

1. Yahoo! Answers

Yahoo! might be losing the search engine market share battle but they still dominating when it comes to question and answer forum. Although, Quora has become first priority for people. Yahoo! still not lagging behind. People look for thousands of answers every day by putting their question in discussion forums. Thousand of question remains unanswered and many answers need a further improvement.

If you genuinely help others by answering or improving the answers, you can drive massive amounts of traffic from Yahoo! Answers. Search for the questions related to your niche and answer them and put your website link in such a way that it does not give a feeling that you are promoting or advertising your website.

Moreover, If you does not have content related to the question on your website. Take 2-hrs. and prepare content for that particular answer and post it on your website. It can drive a great amount of unique visitors to your website. This technique has potential to send 100-1000 unique visitors to your website in a very short span of time.

2. Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking is a way or a service which enables web users to add, store, organize and share web content or web pages.

To get the benefit of social bookmarking, you need world class content that can go viral. It is not easy to create a viral content overnight. You might need couple of days, lot of thinking and hard work. If you create content that people enjoy it can easily become popular or even go viral. But the key thing to make it viral is Social Bookmarking. Social bookmarking is a super easy way to do just that. It takes only 15-30 seconds to bookmark your website and in return you get 100-10000 visitors a day on your website. It all depends on how good and unique your content is.

You can use Reddit, Digg and Delicious for Social Bookmarking. These three websites combined get over 10 million unique visitors a month. It’s huge. You can imagine the potential of these 3 website have to drive traffic to your website.

Here are the list of top 50 Social Bookmarking Website you might want to look:

50 Most Popular Social Bookmarking Sites

3. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a great way to generate free and quality traffic. It can drive thousands of unique visitors to your website, provided the website has good number of audience. But before you begin you need to decide your goals. Knowing your goal is the key in determining the right kind of blogs to submit your guest posts to.

All you need to invest is time to write articles. Once you write a great quality of article. You need to find a blog to submit your guest post to. So,how to find guest blogging opportunity?

When you are looking for a guest post opportunity, your main goal is to find websites or blog relevant to your niche or industry. Get in touch with the blog in your industry and ask if they will let you write a guest post. Most of the website allow guest posting. So, it should not be a big problem in finding the relevant website in your niche.

Google is a great place to find the websites who accept guest post. Here are some of the keyword that will help you search for the websites that accepts blog posts. Just replace keywords with keywords in your industry.

  • keyword “Submit a guest post”
  • keyword “guest post”
  • keyword “guest post guidelines”

4. Forum Posting

Forum posting is a great way not only to drive traffic to your website but also for backlinks. There thousand of community forums online for virtually every niche and industry you can imagine.

Find the forums in your industry with large user base, and start posting there. Most of the forums allow yo to leave a link of your website. Must keep in mind that the content you are posting in the forum is relevant to the question asked. Moreover, it is always a good practice to complete your profile and fill the website, about or biography section. You will get even better result, If you link your social media profile to it. Believe me… it can drive insane unique visitors to your website.

Here are the list of some of the top forums:

Top 10 forums

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5. Twitter

Set up your twitter profile and do not forget to put your profile picture. If you just create profile and leave it as it is, people won’t follow you back. Write something interesting and catchy about you in your profile and put the link to your website.

Every time you make a new blog post, share it on twitter. If you use the right keywords and make your tweet interesting enough it will become very easy for you to get a lot of click-through just from people searching.

For example if you write an article about Digital & Internet Marketing, you should create tags at the end of the tweet with #DigitalMarketing #InternetMarketing. Similarly if you write a post on Search Engine Optimization, you can create tags with #SearchEngineOptimization or #SEO or both. If anyone searches for those keywords on twitter, then user will be able to see your tweet about that particular post. Be sure you write a catchy headline that can attract people to make a click on your tweet.

6. Facebook

Creating a Facebook page only takes about 45-60 seconds. Create a Facebook page for your website, complete your profile with all the information with website link and start inviting your Facebook friends to like that page. Once your friends start to join your page, this trend is followed by friends of your friend. And in couple of days you get a good number of likes on your Facebook page. Facebook page will give you a lot more exposure to not only the current members but members friends as well.

Once you are done with creating and inviting process, start posting! Create valuable content for your Facebook page and make sure you use images for the post as it gives you 80% more exposure as compared to a normal text post. To know more about Facebook strategy read this article:

7. Post Content to LinkedIn

LinkedIn has become much more than just a professional network. The world’s largest professional social network is now a valuable publishing platform on its own. If you start posting content on your LinkedIn on a regular basis, it can boost traffic to your website specially when you are moderate to a large following.

8. Blog Commenting

Blog comments are very useful in various ways. Blog comments allows you to build backlinks, drive unique visitors & increase website traffic, increase Alexa rank and increase brand awareness as well.

Commenting on blog posts written by a famous blogger or industry experts with lots of followers can bring lots of traffic to your website. While commenting on a blog post, you have option to leave your link in the comment. As long as you leave an insightful comment you will get traffic to your website from your blog comment. Make sure you are not spamming by dropping too many links in a single blog post comment or in a single comment.

Moreover, make sure you comment as quickly as possible when new blog post go up. The higher in the comment you are the more clicks you are likely to get.

You can set up a Google Reader to get the alert when new blog posts are made on the industry blogs.

9. Article Marketing

Most of the readers might be thinking that article marketing worked few years ago as Google has improved its algorithm and the effectiveness of the article marketing has decreased somewhat. It is true! But if you are creative then it still works great.

The most popular method is to write articles and publish it to the websites like Ezine Articles, Article Base, and Article Dashboard. Submit your articles manually to the top 5 article directories. You can search Google for the trusted directory list.

When you submit your article to the article directory, it means you are giving other site owners and bloggers opportunity to re-publish the article on their website or blog, as long as the bio and the link remains in place. The greater the content quality your article has, the more likely it will be picked by a good quality or a famous website and in return you get a great amount of traffic to your website. Traffic depends upon the user base of the website that has published your article and of course the quality your article has.

This idea is very much similar to guest blogging except that you only have to write one piece of content that can end up on hundreds or even thousands of blogs and websites.

10. Link bait

Link-baiting is a process that refers to anything on a website that encourages links from other websites. The most important element of link-baiting is to create a compelling content, something that the reader finds value in.

To attract the attention of the user, you need a well-crafted title that grabs the attention of the user and accurately represents the content.

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