Facebook Multilingual Posts: Post in Multiple Languages

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facebook multilingual posts

Facebook Multilingual Posts is one of the recent features Facebook has introduced. Facebook is one of the most important social channels of any Social Media Marketing Strategy. It plays a vital role in any business success over social media no matter how small or large the company is. It has become very popular for both local and global businesses. A Facebook page has become a very fast and effective way to reach your global audiences quickly.

If you own a Facebook page for your website, blog or business and your large portions of your audience read both English and another language then you might want to publish your Facebook Page status in multiple languages. Who knows your audience might not be familiar with only English language. With that thought in mind, I wanted to create a post that will show you how you can communicate with your audience more effectively by posting your Facebook status in multiple languages.

You just need to follow these steps to start publishing the Facebook multi lingual post:

Open your Facebook page and click on Settings at the top right-hand corner of your Facebook page.

Facebook Multilingual Posts settings

In General, Settings, look for the Post In Multiple Language options and click on Edit.

Now you will find a checkbox along with text- “Allow people who manage this page to write a post in multiple languages”. Check the check box to allow admin of the page to write posts in multiple languages and click on Save Changes.

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Facebook Multilingual Posts Edit

Now go to the timeline of your Facebook page and click on Write something…, a status updates text box. Now you will see the “Write a post in another language” option right below the text box. Once you click on it, you will see the default language for your page along with a dropdown where you can choose the language for your post.

Facebook Timeline

Here you can select and write a post in multiple languages. Click on Write post in another language and then click Select and choose the languages. You can repeat the same process for as many as languages you might want to include. Once you are done with writing your post in multiple languages, click the Publish button.

Facebook Timeline Select Languages

Once you publish the post, whenever your fans land on your Facebook page and see your post, they will have the option to choose from the languages you published in. To do so, they need to click on the Viewing: English drop-down arrow to see a list of all the languages that you have included. That’s it.

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