10 Awesome SEO Competitor Analysis Tools

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SEO Competitor Analysis Tools

SEO Competitor Analysis Tools is very useful to keep an eye on your competitor and monitor every marketing move and beat the competition. Tracking competitors search ranking, social mentions or email campaign lets you boost your business. Because what is helpful for them might also be helpful for you, may be you can find a better move by keeping a hawk eye on their ideas because sometimes an idea can change your life.

So how can you analyse what your competitors are doing?

There are tonnes of SEO competitor analysis tools that monitor your website as well as your competitor’s website.

Try these:

SEO Competitor Analysis Tools

1. Alexa

It is a US based IT company owned by Amazon.com which gives precise results for website traffic data and analytics. It provides you one of the best services which you need for the best competitor analysis like:

1(a). Website Traffic

By this, you can come to know your website rating/ranking given by the various websites depending upon your website traffic. Apart from this, it will give your country rank as well as your global rank by which you can compare yourself with the competitors.

Resources on Website Traffic:

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1(b). Comparing Traffic Sources

It can give you the precise data for the traffic sources and the keywords which are driving more traffics to wrike.com.

1(c). Evaluating SEO

It helps in assisting your website’s speed, loading time and SEO effectiveness.

2. SERanking

This UK based SEO company which works to makes Webmaster’s life easier. They provide different tools like
Backlink Monitoring: It gives thorough monitor to your backlinks automatically.

Advanced Website Audit: This will make the technical deficiencies like content and meta tags get noticed to you without any extra efforts.

Manual and Automated Reports: You will get your website related reports in an easy and understandable format.

Apart from this, you get support for better marketing strategy, which to follow and which is in trend. May that’s why the famous websites like techcrunch.com, mashable.com etc. are with them.

3. SpyFu

This US-based it company gives you many good services. You can see the keywords which are mostly bought by the websites are on Google AdWords. You can get to know about the Ad variation, every organic research with last 9 years’ record. They work to make your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) more valuable with the features:

  • By eliminating bad keywords
  • By finding best ad copy
  • By finding best profitable keywords etc.

4. InfiniGraph

It allows putting an eye on the popular social media contents and trends. Here you can find the video optimization with the machine learning by their special software called “KRACKEN”. They also help you out to create the better video engagement quality. Four drivers which they focus on videos for high-quality share are:

  • Colour depth
  • Image sequencing
  • Visual processing
  • Object classification

5. Monitor Backlinks

Monitor Backlinks is new to the market but still has already made his name and built a good reputation. You can track your competitor’s backlinks and quickly analyze which links are good and which are bad. You can link your Google Analytics account to get email alerts every time your website earns or loses a backlink. You also get an email alert whenever your competitor gets a backlink.

6. SEMRush

SEMRush is Amongst the top SEO competitor analysis tools. This website strengthens its positions by providing better assistance identifying top competitors, how to monetize the web traffic searching for keyword gaps, data visualization and also your domain versus competitor’s domain analysis, websites audit and much more. And also track your daily organic search performance and also compare it analytically. But you will not get all these free of cost except a trial. Apart from all these, they help you out to uncover all the competitor’s ads strategies and their budget which they are putting up to grow and also they help you out to understand your online enemy’s keywords.

7. Hitwise

They are standing in the market with 20 years with the convexity group, of expertise in consumer analytics and provide the essential tools and keys for understanding and maintain the customer relationship. Here you can able to differentiate your audience very easily and also your unique traits through analytics.

8. Buzzsumo

Here you can find which one your competitors is on top with what content. How many shares your competitor has got on which sharing platform. You can precise your research with the time like last 24 hours, past week or past month, with the language and country specific options. And also by choosing your content type which you want to analyze for your improvement.

9. Followerwonk

It helps you to analyze your twitter analytics for your social growth. You can list out your rank and compare with your competitor’s profile with the number of followers you have, instead, you can get to know the list of top of your followers, in fact, you can track the followers. Amazing tool to get the twitter world into your hands.

10. Similar Web

This UK based it company help you to know the top websites in the world in different categories. They offer you the website analytics as well as industry analytics. You can find the whole package for the traffic metrics, engagement metrics, finding and organizing search engine optimization and pay per click and the trending keywords, traffic sources, popular pages and a lot in the package. Yes, in the package, you have to pay for these services.

In above list, you can find some free as well as paid tools. if free tools are able to fulfil your needs then it is better, else there is no harm in Paying if it sets the things in right place.

I hope these SEO Competitor analysis tools will be useful for you. Share your reviews in the comment section below. Do not forget to share this post with your friends on social media.

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