5 Must Know Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media

Are you planning to engage your business online? Do you want to make your presence online? I guess, everyone’s answer would be a big YES! But before moving online do you know the advantages and disadvantages of social media?

Now it’s a time when every business is moving online. There is no better place having your business online. There are several factors which are making businesses to move online. I would be discussing the factors which are making businesses to go online. And what are the advantages and disadvantages of Social Media?

Advantages of Social Media

  1. Social media could be easily utilised to create cost effective strategies and campaigns that can create viral results.
  2. You don’t require much working capital or a perfect place for your business. What you choose is the best. Social media like Twitter, Facebook, Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit have the power to drive traffic to your website or blog.
  3. Social media bring people closer together, especially when promoting global products or cause-related campaigns and ideas since it allows people to meet at a single point from the different geographical location and express their views.
  4. Social media could be the spark everyone is looking for to attract a new audience to your site. It will help your audience to understand about your products and services. It could also be used to further build loyalty and long-term relations with your audience or fans.
  5. Social media marketing could always be a great fun. It is a creative way of doing business online. You are always in business even while spending holidays.

Disadvantages of Social Media

  1. The wrong online strategy could put you in huge troubles at times. If you implement a wrong online strategy that goes viral then it will only take a couple of hours or even minutes to damage your brand reputation. If you make a mistake in traditional marketing, only few will know but when you make a mistake online, hundreds or thousands of your online audience will come to know about it.
  2. Social media could be more time consuming for marketing and advertising if proper strategy is not made by the company along with the Social Media marketer. So, it might take longer than usual to get the desired result.
  3. In order to get the advantages of social media, you need to understand how it works. You consistently have to analyse what is working and what is not for you. You will have to analyse on which channels to focus on depending on your end goal.
  4. While using social media like Twitter, Facebook and Google+ for your product promotion, people get direct access to post their views related to your product and services. There is an equal possibility of getting both positive and negative feedbacks. Even your competitors have direct access to your post, and their negative comments can easily pull some customers away or bring some negativity in their mind.
  5. Use of social media can lead to serious detrimental outcomes both mentally and even physically (physical health of individuals). So make sure it is not used accessively.

After reading this post people might start thinking and comparing whether to put their business online or not. Anyway, we should not forget that there are numerous businesses who made an impact online. Once, Mr Bill Gates (Founder of Microsoft) said: “If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business”.

Do share your views in the comments below and if you think that I have missed something then put it in the comments as well.

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