10 Common Blogging Myths: Busted

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10 Common Blogging Myths Busted

Not too many people search online about blogging myths. Still, I decided to publish an article on blogging myths so that people who are blogging or planning to start a blog can have such resources where they can identify blogging myths.

It’s been a couple of years since I am blogging, I like reading other people’s blog and enjoy learning new things every single day. I spend a couple of hours daily to read articles in my niche. During reading blogs, I found there are some great blogs out there, on the other hand, there are blogs that are otherwise. I found blogs with spammy content and misleading information while some of the blogs really helped me to improve myself as a blogger.

While reading those blogs, I found a couple of blogging myths that could be disastrous for new bloggers. So I decided to put those blogging myths in this article.

10 Common Blogging Myths

1. Blogging Is Easy

Setting up a blog is very easy nowadays. Thanks to the content management system like WordPress. You can set up your blog with just a few click of a button. Here are 5 steps:

  • Buying a domain name
  • Buying a server
  • Installing WordPress with a single click.
  • Pick a suitable theme for your blog.
  • Start writing articles & publish them on your blog.

Yes! Setting up a blog is this much easy!

Once you are done setting up with the blog, the actual work starts. If you are truly dedicated to becoming a successful blogger, it will require a lot of dedication,  passion, and hard work along with smart the work. You will have to read other people’s blog to get the idea about how they write. Once you get the idea about writing technique, make points for your content and start writing. Always keep in mind that you will have to produce a great quality of unique content. Unique content means writing in your own words the way you speak. Do not bother copying other writers content. You may get a victim of plagiarism and it can harm your blog in future. You might get penalised by Google or DMCA. Initially, go slow and steady. Take your time in producing 100% original content on a consistent basis.

Once you are done writing 5 to 10 quality articles on your blog, consider sharing them socially and social bookmarking websites like Reddit and StumbleUpon work to drive traffic to your blog. If you have quality content that is present nowhere on the internet then you have a great possibility of getting 10K to 20K visitors on your website alone from Reddit. Which is huge! Along with that, you can also plan and manage marketing campaigns.

Read these simple techniques on How to Write A More Effective Blog Post.

Well, I am certainly not trying to put you off blogging, but I want you to be ready for the obstacles that you might face during your blogging journey. Competition is huge when it comes to blogging and if you want to survive, you must have to have unique content and powerful strategies to grow your blog.

2. You Can Easily Make Money Blogging

Is it really possible to make a living with blogging? The answer is yes! It is easy.

There are various options available for bloggers to make money online. You have Google AdSense, Affiliate networks, selling advertising space and other pay-per-click (PPC) methods to get on with it.

But why many bloggers still fail?

Here are a couple of key reasons:

  • They are not sure what they are doing.
  • They are failed to choose the right niche for them (Read: How To Choose A Profitable Niche For Blogging?)
  • They set their primary reason for blogging is to make money.
  • They don’t upgrade themselves for the latest blogging techniques.
  • Lack of writing ideas (Read: How to Write A More Effective Blog Post?)

and so on…

Here are some tips that will help you to really say that making money from blogging is easy:

  • Be particular about blogging niche and choose that which you feel you are good in.
  • Read blogs, articles related to your niche and grab information and write some key points for your article.
  • Spend time in writing content.
  • Upgrade yourself for latest blogging techniques and at the same time also read about new technology trends. It will help you out becoming a successful blogger.
  • Never ever keep your primary priority to make money from your blog. Just provide quality content, make good strategies, be helpful, kind, generous and money will come by default.

3. Content is King

Yes! We all know that content is the king. But what if you don’t have the audience to read your great content? It does not matter how great your content is, the things that matter you have the audience to read it, share it socially, reply to comments and stay engaged.

I have seen a majority of the bloggers now accepting that content is not a king unless or until you have an audience to read your content.

4. Marketing is King

Now you must be thinking that this guy has gone crazy! How can marketing be not a king?

There are great marketing tools available on the internet to drive traffic to the website. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can bring thousands of visitors a day on a website. Right?

Right. But once you stop advertising, you don’t get those traffic. Simply because you don’t have great content on your website. If you drag visitors to your website, it is mandatory that you have great content on your website so that they can stick with you.

But if you are planning for Google AdSense on your website, must remember, Google doesn’t like paid traffic.

Let’s take another example, you write a guest post for a well-established blog. Once your post is published, you get thousands of visitors for a day or two. But what after that?

You will again come to what traffic you were getting before.

Neither content is a king nor marketing! What am I trying to prove?

Alone neither content is a king nor marketing. You will have to have a combination of both. You will have a continuous good audience if you have great content, the audience, who will come to your website would like to stick with you.

5. Neglect SEO and focus on social media

I have read people saying to focus on social media as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) relies on social media. Social Bookmarking websites like StumbleUpon, Reddit or Digg can send you thousands of visitors a day. So why to think about traffic, just sit down and get traffic. But have you ever think about the value of those visitors?

Your blogging success has nothing to do with the quantity of traffic you receive—what matters is its quality. No doubt social media website sends quality traffic but at the same number of visitors from a search engine may be far more effective.

In a nutshell, if you have great search engine traffic on your website, you will have great success on social media as well. Most importantly, you will become a successful blogger as well.

6. More traffic = more money

Most of the bloggers focus on getting more traffic. They believe more traffic means more money. But having more traffic doesn’t always mean more income —it can even mean less income if your variable costs increase.

There are a lot of factors come into play when it comes to getting the best from your traffic. Authority and reputation are one of the essential things for the blogger. Building reputation and authority can’t be achieved overnight. It will need a couple of months or years if you consistently keep providing quality content that is useful for your audience.

Once you build up your authority and audience, even a small traffic as low as 100 visitors can turn into a $1000.

At the same time, to earn $1000, even a 1,00,000 monthly traffic will prove to be less if you don’t have reputation and authority.

Read: 100 Ways to Getting 1 Million Website Traffic

7. Set It & Forget it!

This is one of the biggest misconception bloggers have. Generally, people believe that creating a blog can be a great source of a residual income.

Let’s understand what residual income stands for:

Residual income: Residual income which is also called as a passive, or recurring income. It is an income that continues to be generated after the initial efforts. Even if you stop working the incomes does not stop.

So do you think that blogging can generate a residual source of income?

Do you really think that you can make money for a longer period of time even if you stop working?

Many people may have an answer yes. But if you ask my personal opinion, I would say a big no!


You might be getting good income when you stop working. For a couple of months, you might not see a much difference. But as the time goes, you will find a decline in the income.

You know why?

Because you still have those a year or two old content on your website that your audience used to read. They eventually get bored and leave your website. Unsubscribe to your newsletters. Only your die-hard fans would stick to you, who might be expecting to hear from you soon.

You must have read that old post is just like an old wine. The more aged the post is the more it is valued, more appreciated, and stickier!

But what if you have not updated your great old post for a long time since you stopped working?

What if you have not updated the technology trends and broken links inside those posts?

Does Google rank those post that has not been updated for a long long time?

You might still say yes!

Blogging is a residual source of income.

Hiring a couple of people will do it.


It will be a great idea.

But you still have to manage those people.

Well, it clearly shows that you need to be actively associated with your blogging work. No matter you work Full-time, Part-time or partially.

8. You Have to Post Every Day

This is quite a common amongst blogging myths, one that I get asked quite often by people. Most of the people firmly believe that if you want to be in the top of the Google search post regularly. Many webmasters believe this as a “best practice”.

If Google rewarded regularly updated websites and article directories then websites like EzineArticles and InfoBarrel would have been in top 10 search result every now and then as they publish a lot of content several times in a day.

Have you seen them ranking in top search results? When did you last see them in top search result? Do you remember?

It might have been a year or two or even more than that.

Google continuously change their policy and always release updates for various purposes one of them is to stop spamming by the webmaster.

Well, you do not have to post several times a day or new article every day to secure a rank in top 10 search engine result pages (SERPs).

9. You Will Have To Be An Expert Writer

It is one of those blogging myths where many people get put off blogging because they think that they will have to be an expert writer for blogging. They believe that they need to have a professional background as a writer or at least a great understanding of English. Well, you will definitely require good English, but not at a proficient level. You just need conversational writing style.

What is conversational writing style?

Conversational writing style means writing in such a way that it does not look like theory rather it should be written your words that you would speak.

Many people interpret “conversational writing style” wrongly. They believe writing conversational content requires you to record the while talking and then typing out that text. Well, it’s an another one of those blogging myths.

If you notice a transcript of an interview or a trainer teaching any subject, you will find a bunch of grammatical mistakes.

Writing conversational style does not mean that you write as you talk. Instead, you can edit your text in such a way it does not sound like writing. You do not have to be an expert. All you need is to have some knowledge about a subject, a bit of passion for writing about it, and the ability to write a few sentences that make sense. If you have these three things, you’ll be able to start blogging. The more you write, the better you will get at writing.

Read 7 Tips to Writing a Super Effective Blog Post to know more about writing a great quality article.

10. Longer Posts Bring More Traffic

I have observed some successful bloggers who write longer posts as long as 5,000 words. I was so inspired that I wrote 19,000 words article on Google AdWords. ‘Gosh, it was crazy!’. It is one of those blogging myths that tempted me to write those 19000 words.

It doesn’t matter you write a longer post of about 5000 words. I personally like to write between 1000 to 3000 words per article. Simply because of two reasons:

  • The majority of bloggers posts articles of about 500 words. And like to stand out in by putting an extra 1500-2000 words.
  • It attracts backlinks and organic traffic from Google timelessly. But at the same time don’t write that long that readers leave in between without reading it completely.

I personally don’t encourage writing articles in over 5000 words. It would be great if you limit your post to 2000 words or max to max 3000 words.

Thanks for reading! Hope you would like this post and it will help clear out some of these blogging myths. Have you heard about any other blogging misconception? If yes! then help us debunk a few more myths by putting them in the in the comment section below.

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