10 Biggest Benefits of Blogging You Must Know

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Biggest Benefits of Blogging

“Blogging” has made our life more intentional, meaningful and easier. Blogs from various niches like technology, gadgets, fashion and health have impacted our lives in a great way. Being a blogger I have been asked so many times why do I blog and what are the biggest benefits of blogging? Such questions clearly show that people are still not aware of advantages of blogging. In this article, I am going to outline “biggest benefits of blogging” that will help you to understand the awesomeness of blogging.

Benefits Of Blogging

1. You will become a better writer

Writing is about recording thoughts on a paper and makes other people believe in what you have written. If you are planning to become a blogger then it does not mean that you will have to be a good writer. You will improve gradually. You just have to write what you think. Look for resources online and find ideas on how to represent your thought on paper in the form of words. You will gradually find that your writing is improving. The key part is you won’t even realize how you became a good writer.

2. You will live a more intentional life

Once you start blogging and start writing articles for your blog, you will automatically begin to think with more intent. It will make you think more intentionally towards your life. These changes will not happen overnight rather you will gradually develop an intent to excel in what you do.

3. You will meet new people

Bloggers have their own world! Once you enter into the world of blogging, you meet lots of new people. You might find them through comments, newsletters, or social media. If you are helpful and write useful content, you will notice that you have build quality circle of people. You will learn lots of new things every day. You will also develop new skills and learn about their culture. You can share your ideas and also grab some ideas from your audience and put those on your blog.

4. You will make some money

You need to find few hours in a week, maybe on weekends for your hobbies. Whether your hobby is writing, cooking, music or whatever it is. Write about it and share it with your audience on your blog. You can write about what interests you, even while having tea or coffee or travelling. You don’t have to find extra time, specifically for your blog. 4-5 hours in a week should be more than enough to write one or two blog post and promote it on social media.

This part-time hobby can result into a full-time income source for you. Yes! People are making hundreds to thousands of dollars a month by just working as a part-time blogger. If you dedicatedly work on your blog even you could start making a couple of dollars initially. Bloggers are making $10 to even $2,00,000 a month! But to generate such a huge income you will have to devote more time to produce awesome content and engage with the people. I don’t think anyone of you would mind generating such a handsome amount of money from your hobby.

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5. You will learn new skills

Once you enter into the world of blogging, every day you learn something new. You might not be knowing much about technology, but in a span of 3 to 6 months, you will notice the change and you will become more familiar with technology.

You wouldn’t not only learn new technology skills but also develop writing and thinking skills which are required for blogging. You won’t even realise this evolution in becoming a person who influences others to read your blog. Eventually, you become an influencer as well.

6. You will inspire others

Blogging not only changes the life of the blogger but it also changes the life of the reader who is reading the blog. You might get distracted by some people, but many will cheer for you, and support you. People will get inspired by your persona, skills, and knowledge. It is a wonderful feeling everyone would want to have. You’re this selfless act of serving time, effort and ideas may inspire other people to start blogging.

7. You will become Self-Confident

Blogging will help you discover to Self-Confidence in you. You will quickly realize about your strengths. You will start to believe in yourself that you have something unique to you. You have skills and unique ideas to offer to the society.

8. It advances your resume

Blogging is an effective way to showcase your skills and expertise. No matter what your industry is, just pick your niche related to your industry and start blogging and showcase your skills. Many people have started believing that blogging is the new resume.

9. It boosts your creativity

Blogging develops creativity in you. Once you start blogging, you start to think better and you learn new skills. Blogging demands you to keep learning new things regularly pushes you to find creative ideas and finding resources.

10. You develop Entrepreneurial skills

Blogging develops entrepreneurial skills in you and you develop skills to manage things. Let’s have a look at some of the key benefits:

  • It teaches you time management.
  • It develops leadership skills in you.
  • It develops your writing skills.
  • Moreover, it develops public speaking skills in you. You develop your speaking skills by doing podcasts and while participating in summits.

The blogging community is awesome. You build a network of people, you learn new skills every day, and generate revenue for your efforts. Most importantly, the blogging community is so friendly and helping that everyone would help you to get succeed—the only thing is missing is you.

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