10 Best Content Generator Tools for Bloggers

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Best Content Generator Tools for Bloggers

The biggest challenge for the content marketers is content idea generation. In this guide, I will outline the 10 best content generator tools for bloggers that will help you generate new and fresh content ideas.

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10 Content Generator Tools

1. Google Trends

Google Trends is the most useful tool for the content marketers. It helps you find current events. It shows the popularity of the search term over time – not total search volume. You can search for particular term or keyword or simply select from the categories that interest you.

You also have the option to find the trending topics in your local area, within your niche, or business. To do this, just select time, region and category from the menu.

2. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is one of the most famous and highly effective tools amongst content marketers. If you know about the topic about you want to write, then you can use Google Keyword Planner tool to research keywords. You can do a quick search and Google will generate keyword ideas related to your search input. Each keyword will have additional data that will show the monthly search volume.

3. Google Webmaster Tool

Google Webmaster Tools is one of the easiest but the most powerful way to find the working keyword for your website. You can find keywords that are driving traffic to your website and then you can use the data to prepare new content. You can create more of the same content for your audience.

4. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is the most valuable and by far the best keyword research tool available for the content marketers. It has some great functionality that will help you to research and monitor keywords. Here are some of the key features of BuzzSumo:

  • You can find content that is most shared on social media channels. It can be done by entering the keyword or even direct URL of the domain.
  • You can get keyword or brand name based alerts
  • You can do competitor analysis.

5. Quora

Quora is a Question and Answer forum that can give you immense information on finding content ideas. You can find popular questions related to your topic and prepare content for it.

To get started, create a new account and choose your categories of interest and sub-topics under interest category. This will help you find new content ideas every time you make a search.

6. Delicious

Delicious is an online bookmarking tool where users can bookmark their linked sites link to their personal account. But it is more than just a social bookmarking website. Content marketers use this tool to come with new content topics.
To get started, you can sign up and once you confirm your sign up, simply click on “Discover” button to get content ideas.

7. Hubspot Blog topic generator

Hubspot Blog Topic Generator is a very popular content generator tool that helps you to generate blog title for your post. You just need to type the keyword for which you want to write the post and it will generate some of the great title ideas.

8. Trapit

Rather than spending hours online and searching ideas on the web for the perfect content idea, content curation tool like Trapit helps you find content ideas more efficiently in very less time.

Trapit lets you choose the subject relevant to your niche as per your audience. You can browse the related article topics and find a suitable one for you.

9. Trello

If a content is developed by a team in your company or blog then Trello is a great way to organise and prioritise your projects with Trello’s board, list and cards.

Once you created the project, you can share the project information with your team. It is very useful in tracking who is working on what while maintaining the blog content by different writers.

10. Inbound.org

If you are looking for the top quality marketing articles, inbound.org is the best place for you. It covers everything about inbound marketing and content marketing. It has dedicated community with AMAs.

Hope you this article will be useful for you and will help you generate great content ideas. In case I missed something, put them in the comment section below.

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